What is Cora?

Cora is desktop software for Macs and PCs that measures over 540 SEO factors. Cora tells you exactly how your webpage is deficient from higher ranking competitors for your specific keywords. You search for your keywords and get spreadsheets of vital SEO data about your websites and your competitors.

Online Support

We provide email and skype support for all of our customers.

Monthly PayPal Subscription

Cora available via an easy to manage monthly PayPal subscription.

Cora SEO Software

How it Works

01. Search Your Keywords

Specify your website, country, language, APIs, etc.

02. Get Your Roadmap

Get you roadmap which tells you exactly how much of each factor you need to be competitive for your search term.

03. Repeat

As your website changes, as your competitors' websites change, and as Google search changes compare new reports with old to get an amazing understanding of your niche.


SEO Factors Total


Built in On Page SEO Factors


Optional Off Page Factors via Ahrefs, SEMRush, DomDetailer


% Awesomeness

Other Features

Proxy Support
Embedded Chrome
LSI Keywords
Factor Charts
Ahrefs API
DomDetailer API
Mobile & Desktop Index
Video Tutorials